Always be capital-market ready

Most companies who raised capital in 2020 were probably not planning to do so. COVID-19 lockdown measures and a subsequent decline in economic activity resulted in companies needing to shore up balance sheets…

Hulisani Investor Brief

Hulisani Limited is an energy investment company listed on the main board of the JSE. The company invests in all forms of renewable energy and related businesses…

Stock Market Crash – Now What?

These might feel like circumstances without precedent. And nowhere is this clearer than in the behaviour of the stock market, which can become a barometer of human emotion. Below is an article looking at the current stock market behaviour compared to some of the more memorable market crashes in recent times, with a few hints at what may lie ahead…

The importance of capital allocation and the need to communicate

History has shown that companies which achieve a high return on invested capital outperform the market and achieve a premium rating. To a large extent, this is symbolic of management’s track record in allocating capital. Investors trust management to do this optimally based on their expert understanding of the inherent opportunity within their business, the sector and the broader landscape in which they operate.

How to cater for an experienced analyst’s needs

Websites are your primary public-facing communications channel, and they need to have something to offer all interested stakeholders. But one set of stakeholders – analysts – have a unique set of expectations, and if you’re a listed company it’s worth your while taking those into account. Here are five, from Troye Brady of Aprio Investor relations.

Winning with Investor Relations

Management effectiveness is often assessed by the market price achieved for a public company’s shares. Not only is share appreciation an important component of shareholder return on investment but also a company’s market valuation is mission critical to the public company’s cost of capital. In its core business operations, an enterprise may have only a handful of direct competitors. But in the capital markets, that same enterprise competes with thousands of publicly traded rivals – for scarce investment capital.

How to manage a successful investor relations programme

Emerging markets have until recently served as a worthy diversifier for investors seeking an alternative to stuttering growth and low yields in developed markets. They are by definition more volatile than more established markets and are too often subject to the ebbs and flows in sentiment driven by media headlines…


Alan Arguile speaks to four Aprio colleagues – Nikki Catrakilis-Wagner, Phillemon Mosala, Rio Mathlaku and Esme Arendse – about the way Aprio’s clients’ expectations have changed, and the way Aprio’s communications services have evolved in response, since the start of lock-down in March 2020.

In this episode Alan Arguile speaks to Lydia du Plessis, one of Aprio’s Investor Relations (IR) specialists, about the way in which IR differs from public relations and other communications functions, its tangible value, how it ought to be measured, top IR tips for listed companies, and more.

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