Whether you need a full-service investor relations (IR) programme, or project-based work that will help inform board deliberations, we will tailor-make the most effective solution for your business objectives.


Effective IR is all about engagement. We help develop effective targeting strategies that ensure the optimal use of management time and resources, and develop engagement plans for current and prospective shareholders.


Aprio IR will handle the full suite of statutory collateral, including earnings and related presentations, results announcements, as well as integrated and sustainability reporting. Investor brief example.


While we encourage and facilitate one-on-one dialogue wherever possible, we also use a range of communication platforms from Aprio’s established networks to keep the market and stakeholders informed, including digital magazines and newsletters, websites, social media, investor conferences, roadshows, site visits, investor days and strategically placed articles and opinion pieces. Aprio IR can also assist with roadshow and website material.


Through one-on-one interactions we are able to engage analysts on financial-model guidance, as well as conduct perception surveys, media monitoring and roadshow planning. We develop messaging and narratives that may help change even long-held and incorrect perceptions of your business. We also provide research reports ranging from regular peer comparisons and market overviews to in-depth financial analysis and benchmarking. Aprio IR packages feedback garnered from the various streams of work into easily-digestable information with actionable response plans that will meaningfully inform boardroom deliberations as well as IR strategies.